Tell Me, Logically, About Your “Cake”

Following a very straightforward answer in regards to "seeing is believing" said sight to behold being God, a theist offered up a rebuttal that manages to say a lot despite having very little to offer. As a rule, if I can boil down a theist's argument to either one from ignorance/incredulity or Pascal's Wager, I… Continue reading Tell Me, Logically, About Your “Cake”

ICDTAD: Kevin, Sweetie/Arun, Hon

Leave it to a question about nihilism to attract a crowd willing to die on a hill for literally everything and nothing at the same time. The question in question was of the troll variety, asking if Christians can be nihilists. Nihilism is broadly defined as the rejection of all religious and moral principles, upholding… Continue reading ICDTAD: Kevin, Sweetie/Arun, Hon

Clam Steaks: An Apostrophe

There is a pan-dimensional, incorporeal fish floating approximately half your arm's length behind your head at all times. It is quantum locked to your personal field of view, your brain waves serving as the superconductor. This means that even if you moved your head fast enough to see it, you could not. It is possible… Continue reading Clam Steaks: An Apostrophe

Incoming? (Miles of Bad Rhodes)

Besides the 25 cents, there's only two periods in this entire block of text. Have a evolution requires proof that it has been in place this cannot be proven are we finest quite the opposite and just as God says there’s nothing new under the sun and again I would ask you can you show… Continue reading Incoming? (Miles of Bad Rhodes)

Apple’s Coke M.U.L.E.

With apologies to Danielle Bunten Berry. To address these points in reverse order for no particular reason: “Just out of curiosity.” Bullshit. Feel free to prove me wrong, though.  “If the Bible never existed, would you be more likely to believe in a creator?” You mean like all the other religions, including the ones that… Continue reading Apple’s Coke M.U.L.E.

Dear Religious People Illustrated

Yesterday, the first day of 2021, I was out with my roommate running errands following a wonderful breakfast at one of our favorite places. I had toast and coffee. I bring this up because as we drove over to the grocery store, I began experiencing some severe abdominal pain. Given I had two cups of… Continue reading Dear Religious People Illustrated