Apple’s Coke M.U.L.E.

With apologies to Danielle Bunten Berry. To address these points in reverse order for no particular reason: “Just out of curiosity.” Bullshit. Feel free to prove me wrong, though.  “If the Bible never existed, would you be more likely to believe in a creator?” You mean like all the other religions, including the ones that… Continue reading Apple’s Coke M.U.L.E.

A Trinity?

Previously, I outlined my rules for engaging with theists or apologists or whatever term they may or may not want to be identified by. To bring you up to speed, if I can boil the position or argument down to one of two generalizations, I don't owe that person any more of my time, the… Continue reading A Trinity?

Pwager Ewert’s Safe Bet (A Prologue)

Disclaimer: There's been a rather major revelation (no pun intended) in the time between when this was written and when it's being posted. Suffice to say, he's dug himself a very deep hole that spells out the word "shallow" when viewed from above. There are more entries in this series, but they're needing practically top… Continue reading Pwager Ewert’s Safe Bet (A Prologue)

Split-Second Guess

Have I ever mentioned that Rashomon is one of my all-time favorite movies? I adore the storytelling device of multiple perspectives, even when its done for laughs like that episode of 21 Jump Street that was more or less my introduction to the very concept years before I actually saw the Kurosawa film. My sociology… Continue reading Split-Second Guess

PSA: Hydroxychloroquine Efficacy

Should you need it: FDA: STATnews: Study: Hydroxychloroquine had no benefit for hospitalized Covid-19 patients, possibly closing door to use of drug RECOVERY: HEALTHLINE: NIH: LANCET: If you'd like to suggest a source, please comment with it and it will be reviewed before posting.

Kindred Spirits: Return of the Shroud

Continuing on from earlier. "This is not a painting" Well, it's certainly not a burial shroud as you insist. This is for a host of reasons, but let's start with the most obvious one. Take an orange if you have one. Draw a face on it, being sure to put the ears on the sides… Continue reading Kindred Spirits: Return of the Shroud

Carnicom Undone

Since you've blocked me from replying, I'm going to answer your question here. So you have thus expressed your own personal interpretation of an ancient text, while criticizing my use of the ancient text, the Bible. If by "use of" you mean your own personal interpretation of the ancient text, then the answer is yes. Welcome… Continue reading Carnicom Undone

Mulholland Drivel

In today's exciting installment of "I Could Do This All Day" I have my gratitude for the thermodynamic miracle challenged by someone who would kill all the other rats in the maze if he felt for a second there was no cheese at the end. Self-awareness isn't just for Skynet, guy. This was a Quora… Continue reading Mulholland Drivel

Only Certain In Uncertainty

Previously. The sunrise and sunset is the only thing right now that i am not sure about. Well, that's a very big issue to not be certain of when it comes to the shape of the planet. We know the entire world doesn't experience day and night at the same time. If it's noon in… Continue reading Only Certain In Uncertainty