A Trinity?

Previously, I outlined my rules for engaging with theists or apologists or whatever term they may or may not want to be identified by. To bring you up to speed, if I can boil the position or argument down to one of two generalizations, I don't owe that person any more of my time, the… Continue reading A Trinity?

Pwager Ewert’s Safe Bet (A Prologue)

Disclaimer: There's been a rather major revelation (no pun intended) in the time between when this was written and when it's being posted. Suffice to say, he's dug himself a very deep hole that spells out the word "shallow" when viewed from above. There are more entries in this series, but they're needing practically top… Continue reading Pwager Ewert’s Safe Bet (A Prologue)

Do You Even Wager?

Just when I thought someone on Quora citing Blaise Pascal as their favorite logician would be one of the most openly ignorant and shortsighted statements I could read, here's someone who doesn't even understand the simple mathematics of Pascal's Posthumously Published (looks up synonym for wager that starts with "p") Parlay. As a 100%Bible believer… Continue reading Do You Even Wager?

Give Rest In Peace A Chance

YouTube animator and atheist Darkmatter2525 made a video about a pair of religious rural rubes running real late to the infinite intersection of information and insomnia identified as the internet. The thesis of this theoretical theist throat-to-navel dissection was that just as there are certain arguments evolutionists and atheists should not make in support of… Continue reading Give Rest In Peace A Chance