ICDTAD: Kevin, Sweetie/Arun, Hon

Leave it to a question about nihilism to attract a crowd willing to die on a hill for literally everything and nothing at the same time. The question in question was of the troll variety, asking if Christians can be nihilists. Nihilism is broadly defined as the rejection of all religious and moral principles, upholding… Continue reading ICDTAD: Kevin, Sweetie/Arun, Hon

Dear Religious People #12

Call it tasteless, but I wish people who said "atheists have no morals" would all be put through exactly what Mark Meechan has been through. I want to see them defend their bullshit in a court of law, likely standing in complete ignorance of exactly why we have a justice system in the first place.… Continue reading Dear Religious People #12

Sunday Fundy-Day

We'll get back to Elmore's Fudging of Facts in due time. Along with cleaning out some drafts, this little gem took place yesterday (Saturday) and early today (Sunday). When discussing morality and religion, I made the remark about morality being subjective (though admittedly, upon reflection and a few decent counterpoints, contextual may be a more… Continue reading Sunday Fundy-Day

It’s Just A Bit Sad (A Quora Story)

When asked, "What moral was God teaching when He worked against human unity (Genesis 11)?" One answer was, "To rely on God, and not on men, basically." I replied that this wasn't much of a moral. Here's what follows. But it is. Think of being a parent (a good one, not just someone who has… Continue reading It’s Just A Bit Sad (A Quora Story)

Dear Religious People #9

OR:  THE TOPICAL PARKLAND SPECIAL A meme asking "What's changed?" in regard to the increase in school shootings despite overall gun ownership figures staying fairly consistent (among a few other shakily-credible statistics) was answered by one individual with the statement, "Taking prayer out of schools." As much as I'm willing to give this person the… Continue reading Dear Religious People #9