ICDTAD: Kevin, Sweetie/Arun, Hon

Leave it to a question about nihilism to attract a crowd willing to die on a hill for literally everything and nothing at the same time. The question in question was of the troll variety, asking if Christians can be nihilists. Nihilism is broadly defined as the rejection of all religious and moral principles, upholding… Continue reading ICDTAD: Kevin, Sweetie/Arun, Hon

Dear Religious People Illustrated

Yesterday, the first day of 2021, I was out with my roommate running errands following a wonderful breakfast at one of our favorite places. I had toast and coffee. I bring this up because as we drove over to the grocery store, I began experiencing some severe abdominal pain. Given I had two cups of… Continue reading Dear Religious People Illustrated

A Small Load of Landry

Following a legitimately interesting answer from an Evangelical Christian identifying as a theistic evolutionist, we get this confused mess of an attempted argument by someone who at first seems to contradict himself, then reveals to simply be giving credit where credit is due. We do not insist 24 hr days. Young Earth Creationists do, or… Continue reading A Small Load of Landry

Dear Religious People #2

If my saying to you that your talk of the Reconciliation with Jesus carries with it the same level of validity, credibility, and intellectual nourishment as a Buddhist's talk of the eightfold path makes you angry or offended or at least disappointed with me, I would like you to tell me exactly why working towards… Continue reading Dear Religious People #2

Dear Religious People #1

If you want me to believe (as in take purely on faith with no good proof beyond hearsay) that a man walking on water and raising the dead is literal history, but that another man finding a golden book under a tree he could only translate once and never show to anyone is poppycock, you… Continue reading Dear Religious People #1