Incoming? (Miles of Bad Rhodes)

Besides the 25 cents, there's only two periods in this entire block of text. Have a evolution requires proof that it has been in place this cannot be proven are we finest quite the opposite and just as God says there’s nothing new under the sun and again I would ask you can you show… Continue reading Incoming? (Miles of Bad Rhodes)

A Trinity?

Previously, I outlined my rules for engaging with theists or apologists or whatever term they may or may not want to be identified by. To bring you up to speed, if I can boil the position or argument down to one of two generalizations, I don't owe that person any more of my time, the… Continue reading A Trinity?

You’ve Been In Their Gra$p for Years

OR: No, YOU Wake Up! (Wall Street Edition) Probably going to get my Objectivist membership card taken away for this one. The current socio-political climate has brought with it a number of slippery slope arguments. While it's worth noting that any and every action (even inaction) can set a precedent, There's a difference between emergence… Continue reading You’ve Been In Their Gra$p for Years

I Made a Meme #1

Photo source: In response to a certain individual I know who lives in Washington state. While he's not old enough to remember people wearing masks in public because of the fucking volcanic ash, his mother is. And now you know where I get my masks from ;P Cue the logical fallacy of "The only… Continue reading I Made a Meme #1

Pot Calls The Kettle All (prologue)

The header image is a screenshot I took of a Facebook post by Target many years ago when they announced same-sex options on their wedding registries. It was some time before the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, so that was a pretty big deal. Les Powell, who is (was?) an EMT, is no longer… Continue reading Pot Calls The Kettle All (prologue)

ICDTAD: Black Lives Matter Edition

So, Twitter’s been an interesting place lately, hasn’t it? Truth be told, it’s almost always been my favorite social media platform, warts and all. I love the immediacy and conciseness of it. Some of that has dwindled with the rise of smartphones and other social apps, but its core appeal has remained largely unchanged. I… Continue reading ICDTAD: Black Lives Matter Edition

Dear Kevin Sorbo: A Very Special “Dear Religious People”

“I know these guys must believe in something, otherwise, they wouldn't get so angry about it,“ Oh, Kevin, sweetie, I believe in plenty of things. God simply isn’t one of them. I believe in the possibility of life beyond our own planet. I can’t prove it, but I find the evidence we’ve discovered thus far… Continue reading Dear Kevin Sorbo: A Very Special “Dear Religious People”

Okay, Gloomer

We likely all have that family member or other sort of acquaintance who hasn't quite worked out how the internet works. It's not their fault, they're just Johnny-come-lately's to the scene, and these are growing pains chances are we've all been through once or twice. Everyone has fallen for something at some point. There's a… Continue reading Okay, Gloomer

Don’t Talk To Me About Life

At the risk of sounding like I'm wishing death and misfortune on someone, I have to wonder what this guy's tune may or may not change to when he gets fired from his job or finds out he has cancer or that he's being sued for sexual harassment and there's hard evidence to demonstrate as… Continue reading Don’t Talk To Me About Life

You’ve Got This That I Gave You

Let me start by offering two different perspectives on theodicy, two sides of the same coin, if you will. The first is from a Mormon missionary I met some time ago talking about all the things that people go through that would seem to indicate God doesn't care about you. The short summation of it… Continue reading You’ve Got This That I Gave You