Dear Religious People Illustrated

Yesterday, the first day of 2021, I was out with my roommate running errands following a wonderful breakfast at one of our favorite places. I had toast and coffee. I bring this up because as we drove over to the grocery store, I began experiencing some severe abdominal pain. Given I had two cups of… Continue reading Dear Religious People Illustrated

A Trinity?

Previously, I outlined my rules for engaging with theists or apologists or whatever term they may or may not want to be identified by. To bring you up to speed, if I can boil the position or argument down to one of two generalizations, I don't owe that person any more of my time, the… Continue reading A Trinity?

Pwager Ewert’s Safe Bet (A Prologue)

Disclaimer: There's been a rather major revelation (no pun intended) in the time between when this was written and when it's being posted. Suffice to say, he's dug himself a very deep hole that spells out the word "shallow" when viewed from above. There are more entries in this series, but they're needing practically top… Continue reading Pwager Ewert’s Safe Bet (A Prologue)

Don’t Talk To Me About Life

At the risk of sounding like I'm wishing death and misfortune on someone, I have to wonder what this guy's tune may or may not change to when he gets fired from his job or finds out he has cancer or that he's being sued for sexual harassment and there's hard evidence to demonstrate as… Continue reading Don’t Talk To Me About Life

You’ve Got This That I Gave You

Let me start by offering two different perspectives on theodicy, two sides of the same coin, if you will. The first is from a Mormon missionary I met some time ago talking about all the things that people go through that would seem to indicate God doesn't care about you. The short summation of it… Continue reading You’ve Got This That I Gave You

No True Argument From Ignorance, Part II

I’m writing this as a new reply since you’ve edited your reply to actually address what I’ve been trying to get you to discuss more directly. I do appreciate the effort, but please try to think through what you’re saying before committing it to the forum.  “Ok, do to me, there is nothing for an… Continue reading No True Argument From Ignorance, Part II

ICDTAD: Brave and the Bold

I believe this question is attempting to ask something about cheating death, as if an atheist working towards immortality will ultimately prove God doesn't exist because, as the question posits, death and deities are one in the same. Kudos for not going cuckoo for cocoa puffs on the caps lock, but bold statements aren't emboldened by… Continue reading ICDTAD: Brave and the Bold

Gerald’s Lame

What happens when a creationist and a flat-earther start discussing thermodynamics? I'm not sure either, but maybe we'll find out together. Gerald McDonald migrated to Quora from Google+. I don't recall him being a flat-earther, only at best a young earth creationist who may have been willing to entertain the idea of the six days… Continue reading Gerald’s Lame

Carnicom Undone

Since you've blocked me from replying, I'm going to answer your question here. So you have thus expressed your own personal interpretation of an ancient text, while criticizing my use of the ancient text, the Bible. If by "use of" you mean your own personal interpretation of the ancient text, then the answer is yes. Welcome… Continue reading Carnicom Undone