Incoming? (Miles of Bad Rhodes)

Besides the 25 cents, there's only two periods in this entire block of text. Have a evolution requires proof that it has been in place this cannot be proven are we finest quite the opposite and just as God says there’s nothing new under the sun and again I would ask you can you show… Continue reading Incoming? (Miles of Bad Rhodes)

Dear Kevin Sorbo: A Very Special “Dear Religious People”

“I know these guys must believe in something, otherwise, they wouldn't get so angry about it,“ Oh, Kevin, sweetie, I believe in plenty of things. God simply isn’t one of them. I believe in the possibility of life beyond our own planet. I can’t prove it, but I find the evidence we’ve discovered thus far… Continue reading Dear Kevin Sorbo: A Very Special “Dear Religious People”

Okay, Gloomer

We likely all have that family member or other sort of acquaintance who hasn't quite worked out how the internet works. It's not their fault, they're just Johnny-come-lately's to the scene, and these are growing pains chances are we've all been through once or twice. Everyone has fallen for something at some point. There's a… Continue reading Okay, Gloomer

No True Argument From Ignorance, Part II

I’m writing this as a new reply since you’ve edited your reply to actually address what I’ve been trying to get you to discuss more directly. I do appreciate the effort, but please try to think through what you’re saying before committing it to the forum.  “Ok, do to me, there is nothing for an… Continue reading No True Argument From Ignorance, Part II

Kindred Fudges Counting

Today in Kindred's Garden of Mystery, we learn all about belief systems. "creation is not a belief system since using real science proves creation hands down and its evolution that is a religion thru blind faith" I have to give Bobby a little credit here. Normally, when theists try the whole "evolution/science is just a… Continue reading Kindred Fudges Counting

Only Certain In Uncertainty

Previously. The sunrise and sunset is the only thing right now that i am not sure about. Well, that's a very big issue to not be certain of when it comes to the shape of the planet. We know the entire world doesn't experience day and night at the same time. If it's noon in… Continue reading Only Certain In Uncertainty

The Folly, The Dunce, & The Holy Fallout

JeebusFreek11111111 saw the post linking to our previous conversation. "I can't believe anyone can be this fucking dense and sadistically evil." Says the bloke who calls the use of the word "imbecile" proof of the supernatural. "I don't accept God with a capital G" Does that mean your username is ironic? Oh, wait, you're one… Continue reading The Folly, The Dunce, & The Holy Fallout

Don Cooper, Part 2

Here is Part 1. FOREWORD: As I mentioned before, due to the rather dodgy tracking Don Cooper uses in answering questions and attempting to refute arguments, the next part of the conversation does jump around a bit, and becomes rather tricky to follow. This means parts of the dialogue have been abridged. In my defense,… Continue reading Don Cooper, Part 2