Clam Steaks: An Apostrophe

There is a pan-dimensional, incorporeal fish floating approximately half your arm's length behind your head at all times. It is quantum locked to your personal field of view, your brain waves serving as the superconductor. This means that even if you moved your head fast enough to see it, you could not. It is possible… Continue reading Clam Steaks: An Apostrophe

Kindred Fudges Counting

Today in Kindred's Garden of Mystery, we learn all about belief systems. "creation is not a belief system since using real science proves creation hands down and its evolution that is a religion thru blind faith" I have to give Bobby a little credit here. Normally, when theists try the whole "evolution/science is just a… Continue reading Kindred Fudges Counting

Only Certain In Uncertainty

Previously. The sunrise and sunset is the only thing right now that i am not sure about. Well, that's a very big issue to not be certain of when it comes to the shape of the planet. We know the entire world doesn't experience day and night at the same time. If it's noon in… Continue reading Only Certain In Uncertainty

Elmore Fundamentalism, Interrupted

I fully intend to complete the saga of Elmore Fundamentalism, but now it seems "complete" is ineffective as he can't seem to dig himself a deep enough hole with a shovel made from solidified intellectual dishonesty. Today, while going over my Quora Digest in my inbox, I happen upon an answer to a question about… Continue reading Elmore Fundamentalism, Interrupted

Sub4Submitted for Moderation

Let's start by making sure we all know what a fair-weather friend is. A fair-weather friend is someone who pretends to have compassion and affection for you, but does not actually express any such feelings, much less act on them, when times are tough for their so-called friend. These are the kinds of abusive relationships… Continue reading Sub4Submitted for Moderation

Star Trek V(alas) The Final Frontier

This may well be the last chapter in the encounter with Valas Hune, as by now he's shown his true Poe form and has resorted to restating the very unsubstantiated claims he made in the first place, then acknowledged as malformed and useless to the very discussion he says he wanted to have. If you're… Continue reading Star Trek V(alas) The Final Frontier

Google+ Tutorial

Quick tidbit of information on how Google+ works. If you block someone, you can unblock them. It will even say "blocked" on their profile if you try to go there. If someone blocks you, then their page will say "restricted" and you're essentially shut out from anything that person posts or says about you, no… Continue reading Google+ Tutorial

Melting A Snowflake: Transcript

DAVID LANGO: They're establishment trolls I tell ya! I am willing to level a serious charge, that they are highly paid personalities! Every single name I put in that list, thinks that a one-world-government is the best way to go. ME, being mentioned in his list: Evidence to go along with your "serious charge"? DAVID LANGO: The fact… Continue reading Melting A Snowflake: Transcript