PSA: Hydroxychloroquine Efficacy

Should you need it: FDA: STATnews: Study: Hydroxychloroquine had no benefit for hospitalized Covid-19 patients, possibly closing door to use of drug RECOVERY: HEALTHLINE: NIH: LANCET: If you'd like to suggest a source, please comment with it and it will be reviewed before posting.

You’ve Been In Their Gra$p for Years

OR: No, YOU Wake Up! (Wall Street Edition) Probably going to get my Objectivist membership card taken away for this one. The current socio-political climate has brought with it a number of slippery slope arguments. While it's worth noting that any and every action (even inaction) can set a precedent, There's a difference between emergence… Continue reading You’ve Been In Their Gra$p for Years

ICDTAD: Pandemic Misinformation Edition

After posting a straightforward status message about how people are copy+pasting a certain status message without question while calling people they disagree with over its contents conformists or sheeple, I got this as a comment: Well, I thought the answer was simple enough: By being better, like you're more than capable of. Media organizations are… Continue reading ICDTAD: Pandemic Misinformation Edition

I Made a Meme #1

Photo source: In response to a certain individual I know who lives in Washington state. While he's not old enough to remember people wearing masks in public because of the fucking volcanic ash, his mother is. And now you know where I get my masks from ;P Cue the logical fallacy of "The only… Continue reading I Made a Meme #1

“Cling On” Justice

OR: What The Fuck Are “b actins”? I have a joke for you. What is the difference between cancel culture and a lynch mob? An attosecond of daylight. In regards to Hartley Sawyer recently being let go from the CW’s Flash series, a certain user on Instagram offered this hot take on racism: He was… Continue reading “Cling On” Justice

Pot Calls The Kettle All (prologue)

The header image is a screenshot I took of a Facebook post by Target many years ago when they announced same-sex options on their wedding registries. It was some time before the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, so that was a pretty big deal. Les Powell, who is (was?) an EMT, is no longer… Continue reading Pot Calls The Kettle All (prologue)