Dumb With A Capital Duh

Another day, another "plz subz my chanel!!!" question-that's-not-actually-a-question on Quora. It's a fairly straightforward demonstration of a total lack of self-awareness, how the same people who get the most irked by spam often espouse a fair bit of it themselves. On this particular day, though, someone took it a step further. To be fair, the… Continue reading Dumb With A Capital Duh

Heart Work (Left Chamber)

I hate the phrase "1% Inspiration/99% Perspiration." I understand it, and I don't disagree with it in principle, but too many people assign the wrong values to its numbers. As a wise one once said, "Numbers don't lie. People do." Think about it. What exactly do those percentages represent? Are they time spent on a… Continue reading Heart Work (Left Chamber)

Sub4Submitted for Moderation

Let's start by making sure we all know what a fair-weather friend is. A fair-weather friend is someone who pretends to have compassion and affection for you, but does not actually express any such feelings, much less act on them, when times are tough for their so-called friend. These are the kinds of abusive relationships… Continue reading Sub4Submitted for Moderation

Give Rest In Peace A Chance

YouTube animator and atheist Darkmatter2525 made a video about a pair of religious rural rubes running real late to the infinite intersection of information and insomnia identified as the internet. The thesis of this theoretical theist throat-to-navel dissection was that just as there are certain arguments evolutionists and atheists should not make in support of… Continue reading Give Rest In Peace A Chance

LOLing Around at the Speed of Sound…

In response to my advice to an up-and-coming YouTuber on Quora: "Harsh much?" If you think I'm harsh, you clearly haven't spent that much time on the platform. Think about all those people who disliked your video but left no comment on it. What's the story there? They're happy to let you know how terrible… Continue reading LOLing Around at the Speed of Sound…

The Good Advice You Just Didn’t Take

I get a lot of questions on Quora about YouTube, namely the annoying ones about how to get more subscribers (and/or how much money will I make off this very small subscriber statistic). As much as I'm annoyed by these questions, I think they're still valid as it's often easy to overlook what exactly attracts… Continue reading The Good Advice You Just Didn’t Take

Felix the Prat

Some time ago, I weighed in on the Nazi "controversy" surrounding YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. While I stand by that defense alongside everyone with more than two brain cells to rub together (which leaves out only the Wimps, Snowflakes, & Jerks known as the Wall Street Journal), there's been a new development in Kjellberg's… Continue reading Felix the Prat

Godwindammit, Pewdiepie!

Full Disclosure: I am not a fan of Pewdiepie. I only briefly subscribed to him during his whole promised campaign to leave YouTube if he reached 50 million subscribers (Hey,a  guy can dream). I may subscribe to him again in light of recent events just to make a point to the Warriors of Social Justice. … Continue reading Godwindammit, Pewdiepie!