The Good Advice You Just Didn’t Take

I get a lot of questions on Quora about YouTube, namely the annoying ones about how to get more subscribers (and/or how much money will I make off this very small subscriber statistic). As much as I'm annoyed by these questions, I think they're still valid as it's often easy to overlook what exactly attracts… Continue reading The Good Advice You Just Didn’t Take

Son of Hackenstein

For Those Who Arrived Late. It's rather funny how people will say, "Well, I just think this rule X means Y..." and somehow expect that particular take on a subject to be taken as law. There's the Spirit vs. Letter of the Law, and then there's peeing on someone's leg while telling them it's raining.… Continue reading Son of Hackenstein

Hackenstein’s Gnu

Another impromptu entry in an informally interconnected series of articles about understanding your rights, namely when it comes to rights over what you own, what's legally termed "sweat of the brow". Many are familiar (if not before then certainly by now) with the term "All Rights Reserved". In regards to copyright, the rights and reservations… Continue reading Hackenstein’s Gnu

Understanding Your Rights (ToS)

While Medelis is the impetus for this, it does tie in to something I've been meaning to write about since at least the latest developments in the IP cases concerning Just3DPrintIt. There's a certain degree of confusion as to how copyright applies to digital objects. The important thing to remember is that copyright is called… Continue reading Understanding Your Rights (ToS)

Volume Too

This is part two. Here's part one. Before we start, let's dispel any potential rumors that I've got it in for this yahoo. My reasons are, as I stated in part one, that I don't like misinformation being used to push an agenda. I neglected to mention something else, which is that while math was… Continue reading Volume Too

Medelis Is A Bad Artist

This somewhat ties into another article I'm putting together about personal branding in light of the YouTube Adpocalypse (rather surprised that's not really old news yet), but that's meant to be at least somewhat positive despite its "Real Talk/Red Pill" sort of tone. This Medelis yahoo, however, is simply making a mockery of the 3D… Continue reading Medelis Is A Bad Artist

3D Printed Bone Implants It is now possible to design bone implants and 3D print them quickly and affordably. Each implant is custom made for the patient, resulting in far better patient outcomes. The post This Is Revolutionary for Reconstructive Surgery appeared first on Futurism. via This Is Revolutionary for Reconstructive Surgery — Futurism

The 2nd W is for Wide

I was watching Techmoan on YouTube a few days ago, a rather nerdgasmic episode revolving around the Fidelipac audio cartridge format and its various iterations, along with its almost incestuous relationship with 8-track. It was all well and good, everything I like about the channel, what I've come to expect along with pleasant surprises. The… Continue reading The 2nd W is for Wide