Incoming? (Miles of Bad Rhodes)

Besides the 25 cents, there's only two periods in this entire block of text. Have a evolution requires proof that it has been in place this cannot be proven are we finest quite the opposite and just as God says there’s nothing new under the sun and again I would ask you can you show… Continue reading Incoming? (Miles of Bad Rhodes)

Okay, Gloomer

We likely all have that family member or other sort of acquaintance who hasn't quite worked out how the internet works. It's not their fault, they're just Johnny-come-lately's to the scene, and these are growing pains chances are we've all been through once or twice. Everyone has fallen for something at some point. There's a… Continue reading Okay, Gloomer

Kindred Spirits: Return of the Shroud

Continuing on from earlier. "This is not a painting" Well, it's certainly not a burial shroud as you insist. This is for a host of reasons, but let's start with the most obvious one. Take an orange if you have one. Draw a face on it, being sure to put the ears on the sides… Continue reading Kindred Spirits: Return of the Shroud

I Could Do This All Day

Because this didn't even take 30 minutes. “Creationists are not against science” Not when it suits them, no. “Most of them use science to show that evidence points to an intelligent creator” Via extreme cherry-picking and fallacious premises hinging on incredulity and ignorance. “This is obvious to most people” Well, every religion does have a… Continue reading I Could Do This All Day

Dairy King of Flatland

Never would I ever have thought flat-earthers would find their way to Quora. I suppose it's natural they'd go anyplace that may serve as a platform for their rhetoric, but after Google+ closed up, I suppose I expected a more uniform scattering. Then again, maybe they were always there and I simply never noticed. The… Continue reading Dairy King of Flatland

One, Two, MAGIC, Four, Five…

“Law of nature is as a law of nature does…regardless of how many “doubts have been raised”.” Laws of nature are neither self-evident nor intrinsic nor inherent. We can test them to the best of our ability along with making observations, but what you seem to regard as being some proverbial statue trapped in a… Continue reading One, Two, MAGIC, Four, Five…

According to Unbiased Sources,Their Sources are Excellent

Carlos Figueiredo offers a counter to my apparently controversial answer as to the perception of creationism by atheists as intellectually dishonest with the usual "I'm not talking about God, but let me tell you all about God" fashion typical of Intelligent Design advocates. The problem with creationism is the concept of god, and the inaccurate… Continue reading According to Unbiased Sources,Their Sources are Excellent

Kimbles and Bibs

Terrice Kimble claims that Biblical prophecies are coming true, citing events like the establishment of Israel as well as the start and end of World War II. When taken to point on one of his claims being supported only by a satirical news article, he backpedals: “I really don’t watch the new, especially news that… Continue reading Kimbles and Bibs

Elmore Fundamentalism, Part 3: DNA

Preface: and this is where the discussion goes completely into orbit, literally. This document has been sitting in my folder for a long time. Part 2 involved a lot of research, and what's on screen from that barely penetrates the atmosphere (much less scratches the surface) of the fields looking into the phenomenon of abiogenesis.… Continue reading Elmore Fundamentalism, Part 3: DNA

Elmore Fundamentalism, Part 2: Life

Preface to bullet point two: For as much as this point mirrors point one, it opens a far bigger can of worms than I could ever do justice in a simple journal entry. Elmore’s point of contention is built on the same broken logic, but the scale of what it attempts to encapsulate is monumental… Continue reading Elmore Fundamentalism, Part 2: Life