Dear Religious People Illustrated

Yesterday, the first day of 2021, I was out with my roommate running errands following a wonderful breakfast at one of our favorite places. I had toast and coffee. I bring this up because as we drove over to the grocery store, I began experiencing some severe abdominal pain. Given I had two cups of… Continue reading Dear Religious People Illustrated

Dear Religious People #8

I was accused of dismissing the existence of the soul because I could not "see it, touch it, hold it," and so forth, despite my repeated explanation that such a criteria was not the grounds for my skepticism (that I didn't deny the possibility at all). Rather, if something being outside of our senses is… Continue reading Dear Religious People #8

Dear Religious People #7

If you want me to accept your belief as being literally true, but that the only way it will hold up to any scrutiny or criticism is to view it figuratively, then either you have no idea what the difference between "literal" and "figurative" is, or you think that I'm the one who can't tell… Continue reading Dear Religious People #7

Dear Religious People #6

There's a fine line between sincere humility and abject denial, between giving credit where credit is due and impostor syndrome. Being grateful and appreciative for your station in life is all well and good, but doing so by diminishing your own efforts not only puts you down, but also everyone who ever invested the time… Continue reading Dear Religious People #6

Dear Religious People #1

If you want me to believe (as in take purely on faith with no good proof beyond hearsay) that a man walking on water and raising the dead is literal history, but that another man finding a golden book under a tree he could only translate once and never show to anyone is poppycock, you… Continue reading Dear Religious People #1