Split-Second Guess

Have I ever mentioned that Rashomon is one of my all-time favorite movies? I adore the storytelling device of multiple perspectives, even when its done for laughs like that episode of 21 Jump Street that was more or less my introduction to the very concept years before I actually saw the Kurosawa film. My sociology… Continue reading Split-Second Guess

Dear Religious People #10

OR: Cling to Religion and Guns In the days following the Las Vegas shooting, I ran afoul of a pro-gun advocate who felt that ANY government oversight of gun ownership was a slippery slope (no exaggeration, exact choice of words). When informed there's already government oversight prohibiting the sale of certain types of firearms, along… Continue reading Dear Religious People #10

First Sale, First Blood

This was going to be a Facebook post linking to this Politifact article, but I decided to move it here due to the length. So, once upon a time, it used to be illegal to rent videotapes out to people. Renters had to buy special "renters' copies" of movies that were typically marked up something… Continue reading First Sale, First Blood

Dear Religious People #9

OR:  THE TOPICAL PARKLAND SPECIAL A meme asking "What's changed?" in regard to the increase in school shootings despite overall gun ownership figures staying fairly consistent (among a few other shakily-credible statistics) was answered by one individual with the statement, "Taking prayer out of schools." As much as I'm willing to give this person the… Continue reading Dear Religious People #9

Shattered: An Inktober Comic

Based on an actual Twitter conversation. The meltdown wasn't nearly this melodramatic, but it might as well have been. He sure took his time after being told God's notably absent from that Constitution he claims he donned a uniform to protect before offering his "blessing" defense. Talk about grasping at straws.