A Trinity?

Previously, I outlined my rules for engaging with theists or apologists or whatever term they may or may not want to be identified by. To bring you up to speed, if I can boil the position or argument down to one of two generalizations, I don't owe that person any more of my time, the… Continue reading A Trinity?

Dear Religious People #10

OR: Cling to Religion and Guns In the days following the Las Vegas shooting, I ran afoul of a pro-gun advocate who felt that ANY government oversight of gun ownership was a slippery slope (no exaggeration, exact choice of words). When informed there's already government oversight prohibiting the sale of certain types of firearms, along… Continue reading Dear Religious People #10

Dear Religious People #8

I was accused of dismissing the existence of the soul because I could not "see it, touch it, hold it," and so forth, despite my repeated explanation that such a criteria was not the grounds for my skepticism (that I didn't deny the possibility at all). Rather, if something being outside of our senses is… Continue reading Dear Religious People #8

Dear Religious People #7

If you want me to accept your belief as being literally true, but that the only way it will hold up to any scrutiny or criticism is to view it figuratively, then either you have no idea what the difference between "literal" and "figurative" is, or you think that I'm the one who can't tell… Continue reading Dear Religious People #7

Dear Religious People #3

Secularist government is not oppressing you. You are simply mad that you have to share the floor with every other practitioner of every other religion apart from your own. You still have a voice. You have the same voice in making social policy as a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, and so on.… Continue reading Dear Religious People #3