ICDTAD: Rapid-Fire

Because I cannot post a comment on this Facebook to ask directly for details and sources. I wonder if his name is supposed to be pronounced like "Aryan"? I hope yall are paying attention (exclamation mark/question mark emoji) Other countries have figured it out why haven't we (no question mark) Can we all agree that… Continue reading ICDTAD: Rapid-Fire

You’ve Been In Their Gra$p for Years

OR: No, YOU Wake Up! (Wall Street Edition) Probably going to get my Objectivist membership card taken away for this one. The current socio-political climate has brought with it a number of slippery slope arguments. While it's worth noting that any and every action (even inaction) can set a precedent, There's a difference between emergence… Continue reading You’ve Been In Their Gra$p for Years

ICDTAD: Pandemic Misinformation Edition

After posting a straightforward status message about how people are copy+pasting a certain status message without question while calling people they disagree with over its contents conformists or sheeple, I got this as a comment: Well, I thought the answer was simple enough: By being better, like you're more than capable of. Media organizations are… Continue reading ICDTAD: Pandemic Misinformation Edition

Dear Andrew Lucas,

Seems there's nothing Medelis won't slap his own name on. It's bad enough he takes from Pinshape user Fantasygraph and then doesn't give credit. Now, his Facebook page has a photo from professional photographer Andrew Lucas with Medelis' logo stamped on it. Medelis, if you're going to call the cops on me, as you threatened… Continue reading Dear Andrew Lucas,

The 2nd W is for Wide

I was watching Techmoan on YouTube a few days ago, a rather nerdgasmic episode revolving around the Fidelipac audio cartridge format and its various iterations, along with its almost incestuous relationship with 8-track. It was all well and good, everything I like about the channel, what I've come to expect along with pleasant surprises. The… Continue reading The 2nd W is for Wide