ICDTAD: Rapid-Fire

Because I cannot post a comment on this Facebook to ask directly for details and sources. I wonder if his name is supposed to be pronounced like "Aryan"? I hope yall are paying attention (exclamation mark/question mark emoji) Other countries have figured it out why haven't we (no question mark) Can we all agree that… Continue reading ICDTAD: Rapid-Fire

You’ve Been In Their Gra$p for Years

OR: No, YOU Wake Up! (Wall Street Edition) Probably going to get my Objectivist membership card taken away for this one. The current socio-political climate has brought with it a number of slippery slope arguments. While it's worth noting that any and every action (even inaction) can set a precedent, There's a difference between emergence… Continue reading You’ve Been In Their Gra$p for Years

Only Certain In Uncertainty

Previously. The sunrise and sunset is the only thing right now that i am not sure about. Well, that's a very big issue to not be certain of when it comes to the shape of the planet. We know the entire world doesn't experience day and night at the same time. If it's noon in… Continue reading Only Certain In Uncertainty

Dairy King of Flatland

Never would I ever have thought flat-earthers would find their way to Quora. I suppose it's natural they'd go anyplace that may serve as a platform for their rhetoric, but after Google+ closed up, I suppose I expected a more uniform scattering. Then again, maybe they were always there and I simply never noticed. The… Continue reading Dairy King of Flatland

Fuzzy Beads in Four Wars

Would it surprise you that this person in charge of some insurance company's money is a conspiranoid who prays to God for Trump's protection from the evil forces of the Decepticons--er, Globalists? Remember how Rob Schneider was dropped from State Farm for opposing vaccination? Just throwing that out there. "It took Akex(sic) Jones products to the… Continue reading Fuzzy Beads in Four Wars

Voting is Not Competitive

In response to a post by Mark Cuban about Alex "Timberwolf" Jones' snake-oil flavored vitamin supplements, a former VP of education had this to say in Alex Jones defense, as he is assaulted by "globalists": "Well, I got some intelligence for you, too. Those 58 million voters you are calling "Stupid"will vote again in 2020.… Continue reading Voting is Not Competitive

Bleachbeard the Pirate

I'm not normally a fan of the standard meme format, but sometimes a situation presents itself wherein the punchy conciseness of it is simply matchless. Yes, this is David Lango's latest obsession: telling people to drink bleach because they don't believe in the same God he does, or a god at all. That someone is… Continue reading Bleachbeard the Pirate