Apple’s Coke M.U.L.E.

With apologies to Danielle Bunten Berry. To address these points in reverse order for no particular reason: “Just out of curiosity.” Bullshit. Feel free to prove me wrong, though.  “If the Bible never existed, would you be more likely to believe in a creator?” You mean like all the other religions, including the ones that… Continue reading Apple’s Coke M.U.L.E.

Dear Religious People #3

Secularist government is not oppressing you. You are simply mad that you have to share the floor with every other practitioner of every other religion apart from your own. You still have a voice. You have the same voice in making social policy as a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, and so on.… Continue reading Dear Religious People #3

Dear Religious People #2

If my saying to you that your talk of the Reconciliation with Jesus carries with it the same level of validity, credibility, and intellectual nourishment as a Buddhist's talk of the eightfold path makes you angry or offended or at least disappointed with me, I would like you to tell me exactly why working towards… Continue reading Dear Religious People #2

Pascal’s Blunder

Heather Jensen offered this little dissection of her Christian outlook: When you devote your energy to pleasing others, you will eventually lose sight of who you are. When you devote your energy to pleasing yourself, you will lose clear sight of the inherent value of others. When pleasing God becomes your first priority, other relationships… Continue reading Pascal’s Blunder