“Cling On” Justice

OR: What The Fuck Are “b actins”? I have a joke for you. What is the difference between cancel culture and a lynch mob? An attosecond of daylight. In regards to Hartley Sawyer recently being let go from the CW’s Flash series, a certain user on Instagram offered this hot take on racism: He was… Continue reading “Cling On” Justice

Pot Calls The Kettle All (prologue)

The header image is a screenshot I took of a Facebook post by Target many years ago when they announced same-sex options on their wedding registries. It was some time before the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, so that was a pretty big deal. Les Powell, who is (was?) an EMT, is no longer… Continue reading Pot Calls The Kettle All (prologue)

ICDTAD: Black Lives Matter Edition

So, Twitter’s been an interesting place lately, hasn’t it? Truth be told, it’s almost always been my favorite social media platform, warts and all. I love the immediacy and conciseness of it. Some of that has dwindled with the rise of smartphones and other social apps, but its core appeal has remained largely unchanged. I… Continue reading ICDTAD: Black Lives Matter Edition