ICDTAD: Kevin, Sweetie/Arun, Hon

Leave it to a question about nihilism to attract a crowd willing to die on a hill for literally everything and nothing at the same time. The question in question was of the troll variety, asking if Christians can be nihilists. Nihilism is broadly defined as the rejection of all religious and moral principles, upholding the notion that life is meaningless. To be fair to the question, nihilism does share some DNA with agnosticism, and there is such a thing as an agnostic theist. This is hardly a direct link and I’ll gladly accept my bronze medal for the gymnastics.

Speaking of potentially shared DNA, someone with half of my namesake gave a rather cheeky answer insisting that Christians were in fact some of the most nihilistic people out there. His reasoning was that many Christians assert that life is meaningless without God, an afterlife, and some kind of cohesive plan or singular vision for it all by said deity. It’s more like he sees Christianity as some kind of workaround or even rebuttal to nihilism, creating God to give meaning to their meaningless lives.

Enter Arun Hun. He works for Samsung, is fascinated by genetics, and hates hatred with a violent passion, as he may or may not admit to in his response to this answer.

Well this logic is utterly illogical 

See what I mean about arguing for everything and nothing at the same time?

now imagine i don’t believe in Jesus

You mean like a Zoroastrian, Shintoist, Buddhist, Hindu… Jew… Muslim, depending on how far “belief” is supposed to go?

then I’d believe that life came from nothing

Or, Arun, honey, you’d believe in a different creation story more in line with the religion you’d potentially belong to if your criteria is a belief in Jesus as the son of the God of the Abrahamic religions. Judaism still regards the Book of Genesis as an origin story for life, the universe, and everything. Of course, there’s the notion that Jesus may well have indeed existed but simply not have been of divine origin, but that doesn’t seem to be what you’re going for in your reasoning here. After all, I have every reason to believe the prophet Muhammad existed, but that doesn’t make me a Muslim.

then what keeps me from pumping bullets into ur thick skull??

I wonder if Arun still works for Samsung? If he does, I think the HR department should have a talk with him, make sure he’s all right and that everything’s cool at home. It’s important to not ignore these signs and take early action whenever possible.

because no morals right ?

Wrong, Arun, honey. You know why I listed all those other religions when you mentioned not believing in Jesus? That’s because Christianity is not the end-all/be-all of morality across the board. In fact, I find this line of reasoning from you interesting as, if I’m understanding your other comments elsewhere, you have almost an affinity for Hinduism, or at least you’re in support of a pro-Hindu political group.

We don’t need a God to justify our existence – on the other hand God’s existence justifies our living here.

Notice the “a” before the upper case “G”? I wonder if he’s the type who lumps all monotheistic religions under the same umbrella and chalks up the differences and in/compatibilities to translational problems. Anyway, I can just about parse the nuance he’s going for with this statement, but nonetheless he’s doing that theistic bargaining tactic of trying to have his cake and eat it too (by calling the plate a type of cake, the tail of the donkey a fifth leg, an inside-out left-handed sock a right side up right-footed glove, etc.). It’s not unlike Dennis Prager throwing a fit over certain members of the 110th Congress not being sworn in on Bibles, instead opting for sacred texts from their own respective religions, among other perfectly acceptable alternatives, many with strong historical precedents.

“I’m not arguing legality. I’m arguing what you should do,”

Dennis Prager, arguing for plates as a food group and being culturally inclusive as a crime against humanity.

Back to Arun with one more point before we carry on. If we don’t need deities to justify our existence, then how does that jibe with our earlier statement that not believing in Jesus is a rejection of morality and grounds for homicide via severe skull trauma?

I’m happy that Bible basically has everything covered

I’m not sure what he means by this, though I’d hazard a guess it’s part of his “left-handed scissors are a right-handed chainsaw” mentality he attempted to outline with his existence/justification comment, that even though he’s holding the Bible as the absolute source of truth and morality, it’s totes the okey-doke for people to have other religious beliefs as long as they believe in Jesus (to one extent or another).

including nihilism and nihilists 

Jesus loves the little nihilists? If God‘s that laid back, then why the identity politics? Sounds like you and him/her/it have much to discuss, namely how much you should seek professional help if the only thing keeping you from going gun-happy on the brains of others is whether or not he’s the father in the paternal sense. I don’t believe in God, but if my followers or creations were threatening to kill people should they ever doubt what they think I want from them, I’d be extremely disappointed and want to nip that problem in the bud right the fuck away.

it says the fool says there is no God

As do many other religions, as you’re more than aware. Are they foolish as well, Arun, honey?

How’s cutting off that donkey’s extra leg with that chainsaw coming? Do you need a dinner plate to swear on first?

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