It’s Only Death

A talking point that’s been getting a lot more buzz lately than it should regarding the pandemic is this notion of the death toll being blown up, that these deaths are what we see every year from the flu or other illnesses and conditions, but now they’ve got a fancy new coat of paint.

For starters, if we compare these deaths to previous years, it’s still a bigger number. That was demonstrated back in April.

Second, while the figures may be legitimately misleading, it’s not for the reason you think it is. To put it in perspective, no one dies of AIDS or Cancer, but rather from the complications that arise from it, namely a compromised immune system. Someone did bring up a unique hypothetical in a YouTube comment (of all places), that if a person has cancer and Covid-19, is it a Covid death or a cancer death? Well, if the person has lung cancer, it’s a little bit complicated given that Covid-19 is a respiratory illness. Not all cancers are created equal, with some taking literally so long to kill the patient that it actually gets beaten to the punch by something else. So, while “covid related” may seem like a cop-out, it’s nonetheless a significant obstacle in maintaining the health and well-being of the populace.

Lastly, let’s look at the big picture. PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE DYING OF THE FLU ANYMORE!

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