Dumb With A Capital Duh

Another day, another “plz subz my chanel!!!” question-that’s-not-actually-a-question on Quora. It’s a fairly straightforward demonstration of a total lack of self-awareness, how the same people who get the most irked by spam often espouse a fair bit of it themselves. On this particular day, though, someone took it a step further.

To be fair, the question starts out earnestly enough, asking how one promotes their YouTube channel. Unfortunately, Tina Pourshirazi forgets this part of the question and resorts to simply begging for subscribers. She also seems to forget where she is exactly.

Ever get approached by someone who says they need advice, but after explaining their situation simply asks you for money?

Well, Tina, you don’t promote your channel by just asking random people to subscribe to it, the same way you wouldn’t ask someone to buy something from you if you didn’t actually have anything to buy. Rather common sense, really, but as we’ll see, your mind is clearly elsewhere. Here’s my comment in full.

This is similar to a question I ask of people who seek advice on whether or not to buy someone else’s YouTube channel, which is a topic for another time.

Tina didn’t take too kindly to what I had to say. Actually, she didn’t take too kindly to what she thought I said, which is so painfully off the mark from what is clearly written in plain text for all to see that I’m almost wondering if alcohol is involved. Most of you know where this is going, but on the off-chance this is your first time: Here’s the reply in full with the breakdown to follow, which may or may not lead to someone else breaking down.

Forget what I said about alcohol. Did you just get out of a cult?

I agree with your comment and respect your opinion and view on what a YouTube should be. 

Tina, don’t lie. At least, don’t lie to pretend to spare my feelings. If you don’t like what I have to say, you’re more than welcome to say so. At most, I only ask that you at least pay a bit more attention to what I’ve said before doing so, so as not to embarrass yourself.
YouTube and Quora are not the same website. When you go to Quora, and someone responds to you with “this place” exactly what makes you think that’s referring to YouTube, the site that Quora isn’t, rather than Quora, the site you were on when you asked this question? If you walked into my house and were told by me, “This is my home.” Would you think I was talking about your house and making a claim to it?
I’d have been willing to leave my response at this simple explanation of spatial reasoning, but I guess you needed more rope to pull yourself out of the hole you dug for yourself.

I do however want to add onto your comment.

Given you completely misread my comment, your addition isn’t going to work out very well, to say nothing of how you think film school works.

Yes while YouTube isn’t to beg for subscribers and views. (sic)

You need a comma between two clauses, not a period.

That’s how someone makes money.

Tina, have you ever had a job? When you go to the grocery store, are people begging you to buy products they’re out of? Are they coming to your home and insisting you come by, making sure to note that they don’t have anything, but somehow still have a few people wandering around the aisles, and started off this whole interaction by asking how they can advertise their store? This is why I traded my questioning of your sobriety for one about being in a cult.
I’m not about to lecture you on how supply and demand works, suffice to say “begging” is usually on the consumer side of the equation. Supply is made to meet a demand, not the other way around. When you arbitrarily create a demand to withhold a supply in exchange for monetary gain, that’s a form of extortion. Drug dealers do this all the time, getting their clients hooked on something they didn’t need and then enabling that habit in exchange for money.
That’s it. I’m convinced. You were in a cult. You poor thing.

I’m not going into the film industry world/YouTube to gain fame.

Do you know what a demo reel is? I ask because if someone is going into a particular field, it often helps to have something to demonstrate that they have some idea they know what they’re doing. Thus far, you have trouble telling the difference between Quora and YouTube, or at least you’re extremely confused by the word “this place.” I suppose it’s understandable since websites aren’t exactly physical spaces apart from the servers they’re hosted on. Maybe I should edit my comment to be more specific and additionally make you look slightly more foolish.

 I just want to practice more video editing and hopefully make some amount of income from it.

Well, you don’t need subscribers to practice video editing, and you shouldn’t be looking for viewers until you’ve got something to show. The only video you have on your channel as of this writing is one you yourself mentioned in another comment forgetting you’d even posted. It’s of your color guard routine that you posted for your coach. That’s where you got those 10 subscribers you mentioned in your original question. In any case, there’s no real editing skills on display there.
Furthermore, when it comes to making money on YouTube, you only need subscribers for that when you want to qualify for advertising revenue. Presently, YouTube requires you have at least 1,000 subscribers and have netted at least 4,000 total watch hours within a 12-month period. I have no clue how many subscribers you think you’re going to get by asking on Quora (the reality is likely none because spam posts get downvoted and shown rarely whenever they aren’t simply removed for violating site policy), but if you’re looking to achieve monetization, you’re going to need content for people to watch in order to reach those 4,000 watch hours. I’m gong to hazard a guess you were not genuinely aware of the qualifications for monetization, only that somehow subscribers were necessary. There’s actually a number of ways of making money off YouTube besides advertising revenue, such as merchandise, sponsorships, affiliate links in the video description, and direct funding from fans such as via Patreon or YouTube memberships.

Going to a film school is extremely costly without the equipment needed alone.

First of all, what the fuck does film school have to do with any of this? Second of all, what kind of film school doesn’t have the equipment for making the films they’re training you to make? I did not go to a film school. I went to a typical 4-year university as a film major with an emphasis in production. We could borrow cameras from the department at no out-of-pocket cost, and we could book time in editing rooms for the same nonexistent. At most, you’d be on your own for tapes and film (because this was a few years ago. In fact, I graduated the year YouTube launched.). If a film school can’t offer you that at the very least, that’s a terrible film school. I mean, we’ve established you believe empty grocery stores beg people to spend money on products they don’t have, so it’s only natural your idea of how a film school is “run” operates under a similar principle.
That cult must have really fucked you up. Did they use illicit drugs, or simply alcohol? How much did they give you of either one?

Most film colleges do not offer scholarships or have that much financial support. Most film schools are $60K per year excluding the equipment. 

Again, fuck all to do with what we’re discussing here and what kind of miserable excuse for a film school cannot provide you with some equipment for learning the very trade you’re paying tuition for? Seriously, what the fuck do you think film schools are, a series of screenings rooms for the movies you’re supposed to have made on your own outside of the classes you’ve paid for that literally teach you how to use equipment they don’t have?
Did you have to buy your own drugs and alcohol in the cult you escaped from?

And being in the film industry I would have to up my editing skills since it’s extremely competitive field.

You’re going to have to up a lot more of your skills than editing. Do you have friends who also want to beg their way into film school and/or back into the cult you all escaped from?
George Lucas went to the University of Southern California, which is also not a dedicated film school but a typical 4-year college that happens to have a prominent film department. He used the school’s equipment to make a handful of short films, the most notable of these being Electronic Maze: THX-11384eb. It was this student film that led him to American Zoetrope and Warner Bros. and launched his career, his first film being a remake of that very student film into THX-1138 along with fellow USC student Walter Murch.
This was all done without anyone begging for subscribers on sites where people ask questions with the intention of receiving answers, not merely inflating metrics for self-gratification via calls to action phrased as questions. If you want people to take notice of your skills, you have to show them your skills. Your smartphone alone has more technology in it than anything the students of USC had back in the early 1970’s, least of all its ability to record and edit video.
Your presence on a social platform like YouTube is not the problem. It’s your comprehension issues that are getting in your way. I know transitioning to normal life from a cult is difficult, but maybe you should focus on that before trying your hand at a career in the entertainment industry. If you’re still struggling with the addictions used to keep you submissive within the cult, there are a number of programs you can enroll in that are more than able to handle your transition into sobriety. They may charge you for equipment, but that’s just part of the healing process.

Having a YouTube would be the perfect excuse to edit and a way to make some money especially during these unusual times.

Indeed, YouTube can be a place to post your demo reel, though demo reels aren’t always meant to demonstrate editing skills so much as acting or directorial skills. Editing is a very specific skillset that’s not always easy to judge in brief clips. You could always offer your services to other YouTubers, editing their videos in exchange for a fee, possibly a cut of their ad revenue. That wouldn’t do much for your channel, but as we said, that’s not an easy goal to achieve, so you’re better off collaborating with others.

also I noticed you mentioned that you won’t subscribe.

0 for 2!

Tina. I want you to put the bottle down and flush the pills. When your fog has lifted, I want you to look at the arrangement of letters and punctuation marks that form my original comment in response to your spam post. I asked why anyone, which does not mean the same thing as everyone, would subscribe to a channel if there’s no content there that’s meant to represent what you want people to subscribe to. It’s a perfectly legitimate question, not unlike why someone should pay someone for a service they not only have not rendered, but have given no indication they have any of the necessary skills with which to perform it. I was not speaking for myself, much as painting me in such a light makes it easier for you to externalize your passive-aggressive feelings of frustration at being told not to post spam on Quora.

And that is ok. Notice how I said “is anyone”. Meaning everyone. Not someone in particular.

I noticed you’re not very observant. I’ve noticed you think when someone asks why anyone would do something, you think they’re referring to themselves. I’ve noticed you think when someone says “this place” you think they’re referring to somewhere other than where the current interaction is taking place. Have you noticed yet that you’re not reading this on Quora nor on YouTube? It’s called WordPress. Take all the time you need to process this, but if you’re going to make any sort of headway into getting into that film school whose tuition doesn’t cover cameras or editing facilities, you should maybe work on your other issues first.

Why settlement for less?

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