ICDTAD: Rapid-Fire

Because I cannot post a comment on this Facebook to ask directly for details and sources.

I wonder if his name is supposed to be pronounced like “Aryan”?

I hope yall are paying attention (exclamation mark/question mark emoji) Other countries have figured it out why haven’t we (no question mark)

Can we all agree that no great revelation in the history of anything has included the word “y’all”? More importantly, though, which countries have “figured it out”? What the other countries seem to have figured out is how to contain this outbreak and keep death rates down. Is it worth pointing out how many of these countries have better healthcare than us? Is it worth pointing out how much more advanced their educational systems are? Does it make a difference that many Asian countries already have an entire suite of etiquette around wearing masks in public?

They are forging death certificates to inflate the figures

I’m going to go out on a limb and wager you don’t have any proof of this because it’s too well-hidden by whoever “they” are supposed to be, this “New World Order” which I thought people were calling the Deep State by now… or is it still the Illuminati? Freemasons? Reptoids? Water Buffaloes? Blink your eyes at least once in the next five minutes if I’m getting close.

Do your research!!

My research shows nothing about forging death certificates apart from a number of sources pointing out how there’s no evidence for this claim.

It’s true there have been criticisms about the death toll, namely that deaths attributed to other causes were labeled as COVID-19 deaths (car accidents, suicides, pneumonia, etc.). However, this problem is very easily remedied and the results are… not optimistic.

The to finding out which deaths are specifically COVID-19 related and which are the result of, say, an elderly person dying from a common flu due to a compromised immune system, would be to compare the “alleged” COVID-19 deaths to deaths from the flu from last year, the year before, and however far back you wanted to go in order to get a better average.

The fact is the death rates from COVID-19 are still higher than deaths by the flu, and we’re just past the halfway point of the current year. At the time of this writing, the death toll in the United States is over 150,000. The death rate from influenza in the year 2019 is 34,200 according to the CDC. If we assume a trend of similar magnitude (2017-2018 was 79,400 to keep matters in perspective), that still leaves over 110,000 people dying of COVID-19. Granted, it’s entirely possible there are more pieces of the pie we could cut, but it’s hard to ignore the correlation just because you may be hung up on the matter of causation. Furthermore, much like Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), much of the lethality of COVID-19 is in how vunerable it leaves your respiratory system to bacterial infection. That is, it’s not necessarily COVID-19 that kills you, it’s all the other stuff you’re left open to while your immune system is occupied.

Finally, it turns out many deaths that were not attributed to COVID-19 may have actually been misdiagnosed. I suppose, though, you’re trying to make the case that this is yet another means by which the death toll is inflated.

Say no to:

Okay, let’s do this.


You mean like those Federal Officers being sent into areas of mass protest, all without the consent of the local governments? Does your definition of ironic include “being made of iron”?


Okay, this one’s a little complicated, and if I wasn’t going to get my Objectivist Card taken away for before, I’ll probably get it taken away for this one.

Ideally, people should not have to be vaccinated if they don’t want to. In a perfect world, nobody should ever have to be faced with that kind of a mandate. However, as I would hope is painfully obvious, we do not live in a perfect world. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to perform background checks and have a 5-day waiting period for people to purchase guns because nobody would kill anybody. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need speed limits because everyone would drive responsibly and defensively. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have noise ordinances because people wouldn’t see their volume knobs as a challenge. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to make laws about where you can or cannot smoke because nobody would take up such a disgusting and unhealthy habit in the first place… Is the horse still dead?

Not all people behave rationally. That’s why we have laws. That’s why we have law enforcement. How far these laws should go and the lengths to which these agencies of enforcement should be allowed to go is most certainly a topic for long, calm, and informed discussions. You know what you can’t have a long, calm, and informed discussion with? A virus. In fact, you can’t have any kind of discussion with a virus.


Can you name a country that does not consider precious metals like gold and silver valuable? Why are diamonds considered valuable when they’re far from rare and rarely serve a practical purpose? Let’s face facts, they don’t cost what they do because of that nice set of drill bits you got for Christmas.


I wonder if people who rail against this idea of a “cashless society” understand just what the money in their pockets represents in terms of value. I also wonder if they know that Nixon abolished the gold standard in 1971. Back to the former point (albeit it’s due to the latter point), that fat stack of cash you’ve got in your hand is literally not worth the paper-like material it’s printed on. In fact, the only advantage that paper cash gives you over our current methods of exchange is, ironically, a lack of a paper trail. Unless you somehow meticulously recorded the serial numbers of every single bill in your possession and somehow could get your ownership of those bills notarized, there isn’t a good infrastructure for consumers to keep track of their cash. The government has such a system in place, primarily to catch counterfeiters, but generally this is where “possession is 9/10ths of the law” comes into play.

Put simply, your cash is only worth what others are willing to give you for it. If we ceased trade with other countries, we’d have a stronger say in what our cash is worth, but that’s no better a deterrent against inflation or other pitfalls of international trade.

I get people have criticisms about COVID-19, how far spread it is, how lethal it actually is, the lack of quality control for test kits, the government response to the pandemic, and a host of other perfectly valid topics worth discussing and looking into. Hell, I likely share many of them and would happily stand by you when you’ve got the floor. What I can’t get is people who have these criticisms also upholding this conspiranoid rhetoric. It’s like sharing flat earth articles to your Facebook page because you think we’re spending too much on NASA. You can believe in political corruption without having to bring Satanic cults into the mix. You can have a mismanaged response to a pandemic without anyone drinking blood recovered from an alien corpse at Area 51.

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